понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

The weakness strong

Everything has its time, and every moment has its rights!
After a high comes a low, but it also must not remain forever, but we live in the constant knowledge that after this low again a high. (Anders sometimes life would be so hard to ...)
Nothing must remain as it is, and ... nothing stays the way it is, life is dynamic. I mean, that man, what the normal, daily life recurring sequences, it really often in the hand, to shape his life and still not be satisfied with everything, which is not conform runs.
But there are also situations in life, and they must simply hold out, it remains one no other choice. Such situations are for example Sickness, grief over the loss of a loved one, etc.
But even here you can learn, in the weakness to be strong, even if in this situation often has the feeling the reins slip from one hand ...
Although virtually no one is capable of things, and the current state of change, because one lacks the power or even what illness, some things you just really do not, if any, times can change quickly, it is comforting to know that nothing will remain just as it is and that there is always a way, or so you go into the light.
Especially in extreme situations you see this light at the end of the tunnel, and it runs the risk of stumbling in the dark. Even if that happens, it's up to you, not to lie, but up in the hope that even at this dark (soon?) In light converts.
No one is served now in self-pity to beweiräuchern, it's neither you nor your environment something, and it ultimately leads to nothing. And ... it costs so much power!
This is not to say that I may not even complain, this is a allzumenschliches need only temporary and does well. At least there will be fatal to where my actions in indictments turns, I give others the blame for my condition ...
So, even if it causes you in your life at the moment is not so good, remember, after every autumn comes another spring, because then you also hear the birds sing again, and see how beautiful nature is awakening to a new life .. .
At the end, but all good courage and confidence, faith and hope, can help you in your weakness to be strong!


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