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From the Irish writer Oscar Wilde, which at just 46 years died in November 1900, came the following statement:

Selfishness is not to
That man's life
According to his wishes lives,
But the fact
That one of the other demands.
That they live,
As you would wish.

Oscar Wilde

I think that would have found the notion selfishness can not be described! ! !
Who of us would not like his life according to his preferences and live? This is not unusual from the outside confused with selfishness, or sensitive people feel that even as egoists.
According to the statement by Oscar Wilde, so we quickly noticed that this is no selfishness. Selfishness begins there, where I ask of the other, be it in a partnership, in business life. Etc. so that this live, as I wish.
And I add the definition of selfishness added, the other must fulfill my assistant, also, and not least in the love relationship, so I am happy. Here love is often confused with dependence. That can really not be. Selfishness! ! !

Live your life, but you can not live, and certainly not the lives of others!


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