понедельник, 22 октября 2007 г.

Here I am ...

At the request of my daughter, I have today once the song "Here I am" by Brian Adams on.
The song has just charisma ...
In the movie "Spirit of the Wild Mustang" from 2002 is this beautiful song to hear.

The film is about the wild stallion fuel, which in its herd freely and happily explore the Wild West.
Adult and as a handsome stallion, he assumes the leadership of his herd and meets for the first time on humans, they take him prisoner, and want him in a military-Fort train as a riding horse. Spirit, however, has his own will and all attempts to tame the animal, lost in the sands. One day, which also helps him prisoner held Lakota Indians Little Creek to flee.
But Little Creek tries to tame the Mustang and brings him to his village. However, Little Creek also noticed that Spirit can never be tamed and lets him free. In the village Spirit also makes the acquaintance of Little Creek mare Rain, in which he liked during his stay. Along with Rain succeed him after many dangerous adventures lately to return to his flock.

For me, this film again symbol that it is really important, in his willingness noted faithful to its principles and not give up.
It is important that we not any conditions or rules subordinates with whom we do not identify.
Many people can live without even to live, and if the pressure from the outside sometime unbearable, these people are still only a shadow of its self and they slid even deeper into dependencies such as alcohol, antidepressants, etc., if they do not find proper maintenance and "back to the roots' return.


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