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Live your life and not the others!

This sentence recently told me my best girlfriend, which I have been known for over 35 years. It is Familientherapeutin and Sozialpädogogin and knows of what she speaks ...
This sentence, HIS life to live and not live to be is sooo true! ! !
Even more accurately, but their message was: "You do not have to endure what you do not want, but not disrupt what can grow ..."
How right she is! I had elsewhere have heard of trust, or distrust. Especially when it comes to people who mean us a lot, it is all the more painful to see how our confidence (un) consciously abused, in the worst case, not only once ... And repeatedly we trust these people unconditionally ...
Yes, just because these people are aware of our deepest confidence, just create it, by their conduct, which it partly on the day put us always in a state of unrest, to put it simply they are not ready to duration the necessary peace and security. And a moment of silence, may also calm before the storm mean ... That is to resist, but how often and for how long?
People who have this phenomenon as I have described above, embody, are often people who are not practical, because it ultimately did not want to be. More or less they remain in their condition and not only block but also to their fellow man, to live positively. There are people with a damaged self-esteem, people with deep internal conflicts, but to the outside, the Grand Dame or the gentleman concerned, people who do everything for the oh so friable facade to maintain. Evil will be if the facade weather influences from the outside do not stand holds.
Behind this facade hides many people with a disturbed perception of the way, but believe it would have been even ...
Very often they are people of high professional positions, or seemingly perfect working wives and mothers who do (apparently) have achieved a lot, and if there is only so much that their selfishness at the expense of others to its, but her emotional life, her private life, they do not have a grip!
Unsaid, perhaps even of them written words, but so massive effect that it would be better never to have known ... Likewise, to stir up distrust and this just to confirm ... As well, when one of his own intuition can be trusted and this is not a disappointment!
An incorrectly understood, gepredigter dogmatic belief is the whole nor the crown on!
NO! It can not be when in the Bible of which the speech is, as people have to meet among themselves, so that they may live in peace and love live.
If that was that it only comes that the other is satisfied or satisfied, then the price will be very high to believe. Rather, it says in the Bible: "Love your neighbor as yourself!" And ... "from people who mischief, consider yourself away ..."
If I hear it, as some fellow with the bypass theirs, then I wonder what they think of this statement for their own lives have internalized ...
Of those people keep far better, because their treatment makes our soul on a permanent deep hurt, and leaves us with lots of problems, such people will take all the beauty in this world do not recognize or experience!


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