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The miracle of love ...

Sometimes meet a person with whom you immediately understood without many words ...
You learn to know them. Without knowing it, but one remembers quite quickly that in many things on the same wavelength seems to lie ...
Sun had also recently met a dear people, a lot Draft.
A man, in my opinion, size and profile ...
This man sent me thoughts to the "Miracle of Love"
They thought I did not want to hide, it would be my thoughts, and therefore
I publish it at this point, after I first obtaining the permission of the author may have.

B. Thank you!

The miracle of love

People meet
And suddenly notice - sometimes surprised -
That her counterparts
Not only find very agreeable
But that
Setting radical feelings
Feelings, which they are not expected
To whom it
Not even remotely
Have thought

And yet unexpected
As these feelings
In itself
To be able to say
Even then, to feel
They also are available at other
He replied,

And there are even those people
Otherwise not believe in miracles
Such thoughts are very close

And at least where it comes to miracles,
God comes into play
For him, miracles of the agenda
Not because they are commonplace
But because he uses it daily
His plans are to shape
His plans with us, with the World
With his entire Creation

And so it was no miracle
But Aids
As miracles seem to us
We are his plans, the overall context
Do not know

We understand but one day
That it was God's foreordination
We have brought together with people
Even with people with whom we
A deep inner relationship combines
So, these wonders for us this
No devalued
But they gain even more value

This is the way
We get a little insight
In the great fabric of this world

In this way,
We can appreciate a little
As the genial but must
The threads of this world
Holds in his hands

In this way,
Once more we have every reason
And reverently aufzuschauen
Grateful to be
Our Creator and God

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