суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

The oak processional spinner has appeared ...

As you know him?
Then it is high time that the changes!
The oak processional Spinner is not totally without, or at least what his fine hairs and their effect.
This fine Brennhärchen contain the protein Thaumetopoein poison. In humans it can cause skin irritation and asthma trigger.
Especially for people with allergies is the poison, the bristles of the small oak processional Spinners segregate, dangerous. This must be the caterpillars did not even touch, because the wind to spread the hairs. Also at the clothes the hair may be liable.
If the hairs in the eye, conjunctivitis, this can be a result.
Besides irritation in the mouth and throat area, there may be a cough, bronchitis and asthma, when people inhale these hairs.
The caterpillars are regarded as pests because they particularly of oaks Kahlfraß cause.
Thank God, the oak processional Spinner natural enemies such as the cuckoo. One of the nests should Eich's processional Spinners never remove himself.
Who wants to know how the caterpillars look, the images under net-oak processional Spinner find! I think actually seeing this animal but very cute, but too close to them should not!


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