суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

The German Protestant Kirchentag 2007 in Cologne

Founded in 1949, the Kirchentag held since 1957 every two years. Until 1954 the Church Conference held annually, since 1957, every two years. This should be an annual exchange with the Catholic permits. This year, he is under the slogan:

"Lively and powerful and sharper" (Hebr.4; 12)

Among the major event of the Protestant lay movement of 6 Until 10 In June 2007 in Cologne are over 100,000 subscribers and tens of thousands of duration more guests are expected.
sind die drei Themenbereiche. Man, community and the world, are the three thematic areas. The Cultural (music, media, exhibitions) at einunddreißigsten Kirchentag should not be neglected.

How much on the highways during the morning was already going, the class was allowed my daughter to experience.
They wanted a trip to Cologne company, the Roman-Germanic Museum and the Cologne Cathedral visit ...
The traffic jam on the A1, however, made the plan after half the travel time nullified. Short was umdisponiert hand and the Centro Oberhausen a visit.


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