среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Does a ANY ERRORS times

Does a ANY ERRORS times,
NOBODY is perfect!

And sometimes is to detect these errors
K o s t r e b a time verronnen ...

Sometimes mistakes you to Qualcomm
Depending on how they were flatly,
Or how fatal ..

They can accompany you night and day,
And it can happen, that you hitch it to the grave ...

One errors detected at the right time,
Before you can keep more heartbreak!

It is never too late to consider consequences
Behind the old to leave
And to live in peace ...


And ...

Not you alone make mistakes, fortunately,
Like I said, everyone makes mistakes ...


It also merciful with your neighbor,
Because DU have to understand it but most likely ...

(C) by B.D.

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